Champion Premior TANITA ELSZE of Miromar*PL
Born 15.09.2002 EXO f 21 33
Exotic torti point tabby
PL FPL LO 4910
Egzotic TASIA, sweetheart one's woman's favourite,
which it does not leave on step. It announces love his unexpected bites.
This does, to proof, as it loves me. She on hands would sit all the time,
happily purring. TANIA this true coquette, tylnimi walks casting little
back paws wheedlingly on sides. My beautifully fluffy bright fur and marvellous
little bear face. To fail beloveds often, as small child and also buoy oneself strange.
Blue-eyed TANITA won castrated's BISy, she won two titles and she
finished already her exhibition career.

UTTA-USTICA Rimeburg of Miromar*PL
Born 02.06.2007 BUR b
Burmese chocolat
PL FPL LO 10015
Chocolate she-cat UTTA, already very brown.
So as gave birth us 4 kittens she reckless, prying and extremely emotional.
USIA (so we call her) she was extremely careful mum.

Champion ULLA-ULENA Rimeburg*PL
Born 02.06.2007 BUR n
Burmese brown
PL FPL LO 10013
Brown ULLA, she calmer from sister, became mum 5 kitten,
all are brown, too. LENKA (in home) loves Utty's children also,
it is splendid mother and aunt.

ULENA Vent Sauvage of Miromar*PL
Born 04.03.2009 PER f
Persian tortie
PL FPL LO 21307
W lipcu nasza hodowla powiększyła się o koteczkę perską ULENĘ Vent Sauvage*Pl ,
która otrzymała wspaniałą ocenę sędziowską w klasie kociąt na gdańskiej wystawie 2009.
Szylkretowa ULENKA ( GABRYSIA) zaaklimatyzowała się szybko w nowym domu,
gdzie jest najmłodszym kotem. Dziękujemy , pani Jolu, za tak pięknego kociaka !